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When are my funds transferred?

Each investment opportunity on Localstake has a minimum amount of funding that must be raised by the company in order for your investment to be finalized. No investor funds are transferred until the investment opportunity has raised its target amount of funding. You will be kept up to date via email on the status of your investment and the status of the investment opportunity.

  • If the funding minimum is met investor funds will be transferred from your account to the company and you become an official investor in that company!
  • If the funding minimum is not met the investment is not completed, your funds will never be transferred.

Businesses typically have 90 days to raise funding. Our Happiness Guarantee- we want you to be happy with your investment. If you decide that you no longer wish to remain invested during the fundraise, you can cancel your investment for any reason up to 48 hours after the business countersigns your investment documents at no charge.

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