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How do I complete my investment?

Once you find an investment opportunity that you would like to invest in, first you will Express Interest in the business. You can control your interest and investment in the business through the action area on the right-hand side of the page (image below).

Expressing interest grants you access to additional investment materials for your review. You are then able to Provide Feedback on your investment interest, such as whether you are ready to commit to invest, are still reviewing the materials, have interest up to a certain dollar amount, or would like to propose different terms.

Once you are ready to commit to invest, you can easily complete your investment by signing the investment documents in the 'Sign Documents' section of the action area and choose how you would like to submit payment for your investment in the 'Transfer Funds' section, including via an online transfer, wire, or check from your personal bank account or self-directed IRA.

Before completing your first investment, each investor creates an investment account, much like the process of investing through an online brokerage service. Investing often starts as low as $250 or $500.

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