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The NC PACES Act is a new North Carolina state law that enables a new way to finance small business and startups in our state using investment crowdfunding.

Investment crowdfunding has grown into into a significant source of funding in many areas of the national economy, including startup financing, small business lending, and various types of project financing. With PACES, everyone in North Carolina can participate in this growing opportunity.

Now any North Carolina resident can invest in a North Carolina startup or small business which creates a PACES compliant debt or equity offering.

A new or existing North Carolina business can raise up to $2M per offering with a North Carolina PACES Offering (NCPO), or up to $250K per offering with a Local Public Offering (LPO).

The "North Carolina Providing Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs and Small Business (NC PACES) Act" was passed unanimously by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor in 2016. It went into effect with the publication of the rules by the North Carolina Securities Division of the Secretary of State's office on April 1st, 2017

Investment crowdfunding has been growing significantly around the nation, with billions of dollars raised. Now it's our turn North Carolina! It's time to start investment crowdfunding our most promising North Carolina startups and small businesses to help grow the economy, create jobs, and enable new products and services in your community and all over our state.


Visit the blog to learn more about how investment crowdfunding works, and get the links to the PACES Act website and rules.

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